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About April

April James is a devoted wife and proud mother of five daughters and two step-sons. She adores her five grandchildren and loves to spend as much time with them as possible! Growing up the youngest of ten kids, she learned at a young age the value of compromise, compassion and the importance of family.


Hand in hand with her Heavenly Father, she has been blessed to experience the lowest valleys and the highest mountaintops, learning how to dig deep and rely on her faith and testimony to get her through.  She has seen many miracles over the years as she has overcome her own trials, and has witnessed tender mercies as she has helped the people she loves through their battles against drug and alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, pornography, mental illness, depression, anxiety, chronic health issues, death of loved ones, divorce, rejection, failure, and lows of all kinds. 

In her never-ending quest to be a fearless entrepreneur, she found success in interior decoration and decorative painting and finishing. Most recently she owned and operated her own retail store selling vintage and antique home decor, furniture and the best decorative painting supplies in the market. She is currently leading a team in the health and wellness industry. She is impacting lives by helping individuals create multiple streams of income from home. 

A respected leader in her industry, her global following looks to her for her passion, creativity, and inspiration. She compassionately coaches many small business owners and anyone else with a desire to improve their lives and the world around them. She thrives on helping others find new perspectives and new success in physical and spiritual health and wealth. 

While her journey hasn't been an easy one, she's known for her optimism, creativity, and grit. She loves deeply, cries easily, and lives honestly. 

Mountains April Can Help You Move:
  • Finding hope in difficult situations

  • Finding focus in small business 

  • Facing relationship difficulties

  • Working through life transitions

  • Difficulties with self-esteem

  • Parenting challenges

  • Parenting children with mental illness

  • Facing Illness with optimism

  • Pivoting in small business

  • Strengthening faith 

  • Strategies for overwhelm

  • Stress management

  • Finding "balance" in life

  • Finding Joy again when life has become dark

  • Improving spirituality

  • Dealing with un-met expectations

  • Navigating feelings with LGBT children

  • Working through grief and loss

  • Diversifying income opportunities

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